Sally California

“I’d like to express my gratitude to the team at Psoothe for having developed this skin balm. My psoriasis had become totally non responsive to my conventional topical steroid/calcipotriol treatment, having used it for decades. In fact the psoriasis would worsen with each application of the medicine; so much so that both my legs became encased in psoriasis which then led to severe odema and then infection. After several lengthy courses of antibiotics the infection and odema cleared but of course the psoriasis remained. My GP had referred me to a hospital dermatologist but as I reside in the UK, I would be left lingering on an NHS waiting list for up to 18 weeks before even being assessed! I was in absolute agony, the deep itching was 24/7 and the mummification of my legs made life just not worth living anymore. It was then that I quite literally stumbled upon your site through a link on a psoriasis forum. I ordered a tin (now jar) immediately and waited in hope and anticipation; US to UK shipping – great on the US side but a real Customs slowdown on the UK side….arghhhh! Anyway, I began applying the balm immediately and I can absolutely and honestly say that within literally minutes the itching began to noticeably subside. A lovely cooling sensation began to course through my legs and within the hour ALL the itching had gone. I was gobsmacked, nothing I had ever used in over 35 years had achieved this miraculous feat, let alone within an hour of application. I continued to apply the ointment 3 times daily and within just 2 weeks the encrusted lesions began to wither and were definitely on the wane. I continued to apply thrice daily for a month (by now having ordered a further 3 tins) and within a further 3 months my lesions had almost completely disappeared. By the time I eventually received an appointment with a dermatologist, I was to all intents and purposes clear of lesions. A great conversation was had at the hospital with an incredulous “expert” who simply could not allow himself to believe what I was telling him. Anyway, I left an empty tin with him so he could cogitate after my departure! I continue to order the skin balm for maintenance therapy; at the first signs of a lesion developing, I hit it hard and stop it in its tracks. Long may you continue to produce this wonderful product which has given me my life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Nadim United Kingdom

” I discovered and tried the product after suffering from severe plaque psoriasis on my elbows and feet, behind my ears, and around my eyes for the better part of two decades and finding NO solution whatsoever. Three times daily, I applied a small amount of the product to my problem areas, made sure to rub it in gently but thoroughly, and went on with my life. To my amazement, I started noticing a difference within days. Within a few weeks, my plaque psoriasis was nowhere to be found! I could hardly contain my excitement! Instead of having people ask me what happened to my elbows, I had friends and family in awe over the complete disappearance of my psoriasis! Now I need only use the product once or twice at the very onset of psoriasis symptoms in any of my former problem areas. That’s all it takes to prevent the symptoms from progressing when they occur. For the most part, though, my skin is finally free of any sign of psoriasis! It is such a relief to no longer have that annoying itch… to no longer deal with that awful flaky skin… to no longer feel I must hide my skin from everyone else. I can’t thank the makers enough! “

John California

“ My daughter has used this wonderful product on her mild psoriasis on her legs and it has virtually disappeared leaving only pigmentation marks, thank you ”

Anne United Kingdom

“ I just started using your product on my 7 yr old daughter who has psoriasis… after just 2 weeks of use, applied 3x a day. We noticed some clearing after just 3 days of use, and after a week the itching was gone. We now only use once a day at bedtime and her skin is continuing to heal. She also had plaques on her head that were really thick and crusty. Those are now almost completely gone. We have tried tons of different topicals, and this is the only treatment we have found that actually helps her skin heal. ”

Anonymous Oaklahoma

“ Have used this ointment for psoriasis that I had and it started clearing up soon after starting using it. I have been juicing for a little while with some results, but when I started using this ointment I began seeing a noticeable change. Have tried other ointments and cremes before and never saw hardly any results. It has a very pleasant odor also. I am almost totally clear now. “

Randy Undisclosed

“ It’s working well. I used it first on my hands, then on my ears. Spots gone in about two weeks. I’ve had great success with a combination of an alkaline diet, vitamin D, sunlight, and your Indigo balm. ”

John Arizona

“ Excellent product! ”

Vicki Iowa

” Absolutely amazing ! …  I used it on some chronic red,  flaky psoriasis spots on my scalp and they were clear in ten days. Highly recommended! “

Leslie California

” I use this on my 4 year old son who battles severe dry skin and eczema. His skin has improved dramatically… rub the Indigo Naturalis Natural Skin Balm directly onto trouble spots and the spots disappear after 1 to 2 applications. ”

Heather Oaklahoma

“ Wow, only a few days of use and I’m already feeling such relief. Thank you! I adore your product. “

Wendy Washington